Welcome to your Evolution

Welcome to your Evolution

Our value is currently measured by how precisely we can fit ourselves into defined boxes

rather than how well we can express our own personal genius.

There is Something more…

Do you sense that there must be something deeper, more inspiring, and more powerful than your current experience of life?

Is there is a depth to your Being Human that isn’t recognised or encouraged by the social environment you live in?

Do you miss the magic and enchantment of your childhood world?

Do you sense that you have more abilities than you can currently utilise, maybe even extra-sensory abilities?

Perhaps you hope for experiences that take you deeper into yourself – so deep that you come out the other side and enter the collective consciousness?

Are you wondering how to make sense of your everyday world, your life, and your otherworldly experiences?

Maybe it’s time…

Allow me to introduce you to the map of your permanently expanded consciousness.

The Sacred Blueprint

The Sacred Blueprint:

  • is a self-empowering, non religious, life-long spiritual practice for ongoing personal and magickal discovery.
  • is a map of your everyday self, your inner world, and universal consciousness.
  • is a guide to bringing thought into reality – the universal creation process.
  • recognises that real spiritual growth and healing involves a willingness to resurrect, examine, and accept the WHOLE SELF.
  • brings expansions of body, mind, spirituality, and sexuality.
  • offers access to areas of your consciousness that have previously been closed off to you – the other 99%
  • awakens lost psychic, extra sensory, and magical abilities, and other-worldly connections enabling you to percieve more of the so much more of the universal reality. (there is nothing weird about these skills, they are simply the results of a well honed mind).
  • feels like finally coming HOME to yourself!

Using the Sacred Blueprint as a map, you will gain access to ALL knowledge and ALL experience, allowing you to expand your Being to its full potential. You will go on a journey that includes everything from the physical, sensual mind-body – which experiences normal mundane life – to the magical, shape-shifting, light-being – capable of performing ‘miracles’.

Take your first steps into the map – VIBRATIONAL JOURNEYS COURSE.

The Sacred Blueprint says YES to everything that you are, and everything that you aspire to be.

It doesn’t pretend to be a quick fix, it offers much more than instant ‘spiritual’ gratification, or a weekend workshop high. It acknowledges that permanent growth takes time and dedication. It is an ongoing, deeply transforming, spiritual practice. It involves meditation, ritual, journey, chant, ecstatic dance, and sexual exploration, but it doesn’t involve religion, dogma, belief, or bullshit. It has no rights or wrongs, no have-tos, nothing to worship, no one to follow – there is simply experience of yourself, your community, and the universe.

More about the Map here

Taster – daily meditation

The meditation below is a great daily practice. This simple 10 – 20 minute process will help you to take a step into your deeper self and to connect with your universal consciousness. It is a calming yet empowering meditation.

Don’t take my word for it, have a go!

This meditation is used at the beginning of all the journeys in the Vibrational Journeys Course – each week on the course, after you have relaxed and found your centre with this meditation, you are led on a visual journey around The Sacred Blueprint map.

(use headphones or external speakers for best sound quality)

The Sacred Blueprint meditations and practices are offered in courses which teach the process at first. But once the techniques have been experienced, they can be repeated over many years, even for a lifetime. They can be practiced in groups or individually. I, and other students of The Sacred Blueprint, have been practicing weekly for many years. Every experience takes you deeper and deeper into yourself, your growth, and your personal connection with collective wisdom.

more about the Sacred Blueprint

Or go straight to

Sacred Blueprint online courses

or simply relax and watch this meditation video about the sacred blueprint

I call it a meditation video because it is meant to be ingested slowly and over time. There is a lot of information in here so you won’t remember it all. But there will be plenty of time during the course to dive deeply into the philosophy. Don’t even try to understand it all just yet. Over the weeks of your explorations on the course, these concepts will become more and more familiar.

Use headphones or external speakers for best sound quality, put it on full screen, and take some deeper, longer breaths. Then sit back and relax, and let the words, images, and sounds wash through you.


“This work takes us through our central core of being. Lilith guides us to the depth and height of learning to know ourselves as divine beings, able to use our will to create our lives exactly as we wish, and that is what magicians do.”

“I feel like I am reconnecting with a part of myself that has been asleep, but which is so wonderfully true and real. Each time we meet as a group, I feel a bit more knowing, a bit more understanding of this truth and I feel privileged and joyful being with wonderful people who are travelling this path too. It is a challenging path but full of delights, and one I never want to leave!”

“It is very hard to put into words all the wonderful things that this work is doing for me. Opening doors I did not even realise were there – journeying to the furthest reaches of myself. It is kind of like all the separate little things I have been trying to advance without much success have started whizzing along, plus I am finding masses of puzzles about myself falling into place… all of it happening now cannot be a coincidence… all those dips into the subconscious are bearing wonderful fruit!”

“This work is a powerful experiential journey of change. I have developed a much deeper sense of self understanding which has freed me to live life with more joy, connection and confidence.” “A magical place! The journey each week connects me to another piece of my inner wisdom, reminding me of who I am, and reawakening my power.”